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The Monsal Trail

Following the route of the old railway which ran through the dale, the Monsal Trail provides an ideal walking and cycling route. It has tunnels and a few reminders of the old … Continue reading

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All the way to Tupton

On Thursday 16th Feb 2017 I found myself in Tupton, Derbyshire because, after the death of my grandfather in 1949, his step-daughter, Vera Roper (Nee Kirk), had contact with two sisters from … Continue reading

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On the trail

  Having spent a comfortable night in the Monsal Head Hotel and ate a hearty breakfast, we set off into Monsal Dale, down the path at the front of the … Continue reading

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With pensioners now disproportionately unlikely to be in poverty, is it time to vilify them like other groups?

I hear David Willetts, the Executive Chair of The Resolution Think Tank, on the radio this morning. He’s talking about pensioners and their incomes. Apparently pensioners now typically have higher incomes … Continue reading

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A vote for a Westminster Politician is a vote for more failure, cunningly disguised as progress.

I listen to Jeremy Hunt talking on the radio about the NHS. He is calm, softly spoken, subdued. It s Friday 12th February. Jeremy does not make wild claims about how … Continue reading

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#FoodDrunk, #Esquires, #Bedford

A brand new Street Food and Cider festival is coming to Bedford. And it comes with the added bonus of some amazing bands, artists and DJs! It’ll be landing on … Continue reading

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Primary Marina?

Priory Marina on a cold winter’s day. But there was still much to see. And feel. Nature in the dark days of January, although desolate, still has beauty. A spotted … Continue reading

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