Portas Pilot Town

English: A helter skelter in the town centre o...
English: A helter skelter in the town centre of Bedford (Bedfordshire). Part of the Christmas Victorian fair. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was in the Town Centre today when I picked up the news that Bedford had been chosen as one of the Portas Pilot Towns. I sat at the top of Lime Street, outside Luscious Juice Bar, with a coffee. It was busy. People on their Saturday mission.

Lime Street has an appeal. There are some great little independent shops. The new Flower Shed with it’s outdoor display brings a splash of colour, Elevenes offers great traditional English Breakfast fayre. Froggys Gifts offers lots that is alternative. At Luscious you can get food and drink as fresh as it gets. Florence caters for Caribbean quisine. There’s Watchworks and just around the corner Sugaz. For those in search of things vintage, look no further than Rose Tinted Vintage in Claire Court.

I don’t know who is in control of the Bedford Portas Pilot Town Project, and any money that goes with it, all I hope is that the people at Borough Hall who are responsible for the town centre are kept well away from it. Let’s hope the young creative people who have done so much in recent years get to run the show.


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