Bedford cafe culture needs to

So it was Jubilee weekend and I went to Dorset. This was a good move. I picked up on the network that while I was out strolling in the sunshine, and generally having a good time, Bedford was wet.
I also indulged in some “Cafe Culture”.
Now Bedford has long laid claims to wanting a cafe culture. But honestly, the local Stasi have no idea what it is. They need to get out of Bedford a little more.
They’ll find cafe culture flourishing in all sorts of little towns in Jubilee Land. The only place it doesn’t flourish is Bedford. They need to ask why?
Cafe culture is more than having a few cafes around town. It’s about having places that are different. Places where you can enjoy the sounds. Where you can enjoy the sites. Where you can enjoy the people. Where you can enjoy the crowds and the bustle. And so much more.
Bedford has all the resources to make it a great place. It has the cafes. It has the people. Now it needs the Stasi to let the cafe owners create the culture. Instead of restrictions, we need freedom. Instead of no, we need yes. The Stasi know who they are. They produce forms. They inspect. They put up obstacles. They ask for money. They give nothing.
We have a few places around town, which against all the odds, have managed to create a vibe that’s good. The Stasi have failed in there attempts to stop them. It’s time to stop the Stasi.
You know who you are, sitting in your little offices. It’s time you got out more.
This is not Bedford

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