The reality of what is happening in many schools, processing young people like commodities. This is not education, but Gove doesn’t care.

Daring to teach

Dear Mr Gove,

I spent my Friday night on the same dance floor as about 200 year 11 students. Before outraged calls to child protection services start flooding in, I should probably not only clarify that I was at the Year 11 prom and it was for photos, but also that it was a comically awkward moment for all concerned.

Being there and watching some wonderful young people celebrate their success on a Friday night is not something I am contracted to do. It isn’t part of my job description or even something that is particularly encouraged (except by the students who beg some of their teachers to attend). But as I stood on the dance floor and looked around I found myself feeling sad that only one senior management member had turned up to say goodbye to the students.

The almost irresistible move towards data led assessment seems to…

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