Poly Toynbee writes, “The poll tax is back from the dead – it’s Cameron localism”, but when are local authorities and local politicians going to stand up and fight?

"Trades Union Congress"

No one can  argue that local authorities have been thrust into the frontline of the cuts. All over the country budgets have been cut. We are used to hearing about cuts to “the back office”, and, “we have protected the most vulnerable”. Close inspection exposes these claims for what they are, bullshit.

Poly Toynbee talks about local authorities and Cameron’s localism as the localism of the “axe”. I have yet to hear of any local authority fighting the government cuts.

The only argument and protest comes from the trade union movement. Standing against Cameron and Clegg, local authorities and the media, trade unions are fighting a rearguard action. Alone, the public sector workers are the only ones with the guts, and the intellectual nous, to stand against the idiotic policies of the coalition.

Now that the IMF have finally realised the folly of Osborne’s economic policies is it time the sheep who populate the town halls of this country started to stand alongside their workers against the current policies?

Poly Toynbee exposes the coalition plans as almost impossible to achieve, looking at historic precedent.

So why not start shouting now and then, when Osborne’s policies fail, at least the local authorities can claim some of the kudos.


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