On a day when we are told paying in cash could be morally wrong remember this.

politicians (Photo credit: the|G|™)

We started with the MP’s and politicians claiming expenses for all manner things. No need to list them. They twisted and squirmed but eventually caved in and agreed what they were doing was wrong. Just plain wrong. Justice was handed out to a few individuals, most of them got off scot-free by paying back whatever they’d claimed. A bit like a shoplifter handing back the goods after being caught.

Oh what a banking crisis. Made the MP’s look like they had their hands on the piggy bank. But we bailed them out to the tune of billions. That’s right the tax payer paid billions to save the banks.

Not forgetting the hacking crisis. This brought together the politicians, the media and the police into a tangled web of deceit, payoffs and potential criminal activity.

Poor old Jimmy Carr. He took the fall for all those tax avoiders we’ve never of.

We then switch back to the banks and libor. Gamblers fixing the odds before fixing the race. And we paid the price again.

There’s a theme running through all of this. The people at the top, the big earners, the bonus grabbers, the ruling classes, the elite and basically anyone who doesn’t pay their tax through PAYE have had it their own way for decades.

Now that we all know what’s going on, some little man from Whitehall tries to imply that “we are all in it together”, avoiding our tax by paying in cash. Divert attention back to the little guy.

Little man from Whitehall, you cannot preach to us about morals if the whole of your class is morally bankrupt.



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