So who is to blame, teachers or Tories?

There’s a host of comment in the media today about school sport. It seems to have started after David Cameron stated on LBC Radio, “We need a big cultural change, a cultural change in favour of competitive sports. That’s what I think really matters. The problem has been too many schools not willing to have competitive sport and some teachers not willing to join in and play their part.”

I wonder where the evidence is to support this comment. What facts are available to support Cameron’s claim that school sports are not competitive? How many schools follow this non-competitive policy?

How many teachers do not play their part? And if they don’t play their part, why is that so?

Cameron seems to be employing the usual Tory tactic of looking for a scapegoat. As usual he picks on the teachers. Is he really saying that Team GB depends on the teachers? If he is then they deserve a bloody big pay rise, and quick.

I think he needs to look closer to home. He could start with Mr Gove.

Whatever you think of Gove, we can be sure about his policies. Labour invested in education. Gove is about cutting, changing Labour policies and fragmenting the state education system.

He started 2 years ago by cutting funding for school sports partnerships. He then removed the need to collect data on pupil participation in school sport. Then came the attack  on the 2 hour target for sport. I think those changes alone stand as a comprehensive attack on school sport.

Now Mr Cameron, your Government have spent the last two years systamatically attacking and undermining the teachers. Pensions, pay freeze, academies, working to change national pay agreements, etc. Do you wonder why some teachers might not wholeheartedly be willing to give up their free time. They too have families and children.

Your ministers attack the systems which support school sport. Your Government attacks the people who deliver school sport. You then blame them for the outcome of your activities and policies. Then you wonder why. You just don’t get it do you Mr Cameron?

Read some of the links for a near unanimous condemnation of Cameron and his argument.

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