You supported the Olympic Athletic Team GB now let’s support the Olympic Worker Team GB

Many of the workers who keep the whole 2012 event moving and clean are on low wages, for long hours. They are at the bottom of the pyramid which supports the GB Olympic effort.
At the top of the pyramid are all the athletes who have worked long and hard to win the medals.  They have done GB proud.
Now we should stand by all the low paid workers who have done GB proud. Let’s get them a living wage.
Picket line at the Olympics.  
London Transport cleaners have just started a 48 hour strike and are picketing at the Olympic tube station in Stratford.  If you can’t join them on the picket line, you can make sure you’ve signed up to their campaign.  Let’s send a loud and clear message from around the world to London Mayor Boris Johnson, to the cleaning companies and to Transport for London
Sign the petition now and show your support. The alternative Olympic Legacy. A Labour Start Campaign. 

Olympic Games Message
Olympic Games Message (Photo credit: chooyutshing)

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