Wilshaw of The Ofsted


Ouch 195/365
Ouch 195/365 (Photo credit: Blue Square Thing)

Well I must say he is performing in line with expectations. Little thought, silly comments, great for the headlines, but when subject to scrutiny it doesn’t make sense.

Wilshaw of The Ofsted says teachers who are out of the gate at 3pm should not be promoted. Why?

I guess Wilshaw of The Ofsted equates performance and quality with the amount of time spent in a specific geographical location. If that is all it took to be an outstanding teacher …………………. , well my cat would be top of the league. It is ridiculous to make such a claim and Wilshaw of The Ofsted should know better. When the person in charge at Ofsted comes out with such a banal statement we have to question how he got the job. I could imagine Gove of Dfe saying exactly the same thing, if someone hadn’t already said it first.

He then went on to comment on pay rises. Does he know of the public sector pay freeze?

Wilshaw of The Ofsted is a failing manager and needs to show significant improvement. He should spend more time in his office and less time talking to members of the media. He is failing to motivate the teaching profession and his media interviews are of poor quality. He should be in special measures and his performance should be monitored closely for the next 12 months. If there is no improvement at his next appraisal interview he should be on a fast track to capability.

That should do the trick.


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