Bedford Borough Council Budget Consultation

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There are seventy proposals which  have been put forward for public consultation.  The consultation is available online using the links below.

Residents and organisations have an opportunity to have their say on where and how the Council is planning to cut services and jobs, or as they say, “cover the significant shortfall in funding they are facing.”

The closing date for comments is Monday 19th November 2012 at 5pm. Comments will be considered by the Executive on 5th December 2012.

The proposals are divided into six categories. Click on the links to view the proposals.

Service (SV) – These proposals have a direct effect on services provided by the Council

Workforce (WF) – These proposals suggest a reduction in numbers of staff working for the Council

Back Office (BO) – These proposals affect the back office operations within the Council

Procurement (PC) – These proposals relate to how the Council buys goods and services

Income Generation (IG) – These proposals identify potential for the Council to generate income

Funding Transfer (FT) – These proposals relate to the transfer of responsibility

You can then respond to the various proposals individually using the online response form below.

It’s time to speak up and have your say.

 Online Response Form: complete an online response form here

You can then get your online petition up and running by using the petition generator at this linkl

Petitions can be local, national or international.

Good luck.


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