European Day of Action – 14th November 2012 as the calls for a General Strike grow.

European trade union demonstration
European trade union demonstration (Photo credit: habeebee)

The Executive Committee of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) has called for a Day of Action and Solidarity across Europe on 14th November. The aim is to mobilise the European trade union movement behind the ETUC policies set out in the declaration adopted at the Executive meeting on 17th October 2012.

The 20th October march in the UK, A Future That Works, has seen more calls for a General Strike in the UK.

Christine Blower of the NUT, speaking from the platform on Saturday 20th Oct called for support for the 14th Nov action. The struggle against austerity is taking place all over Europe she argued. People will come out for the European day of action against cuts on 14th November. She hinted at future strike action, telling the crowd “We need to strike together when the time is right.”

Is 14th Nov the right time, following on quickly from the 20th Oct? By taking action again, the Government would be taken by surprise. A number of public sector unions have mandates for action in place, including the main teacher unions.

Unions in Spain, Portugal and Greece have already committed to action on the 14th Nov. In the UK things are less clear. No doubt some groups will take action but it is doubtful whether most union leaders will heed calls from their members, and sanction a General Strike.



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