The Tories are really worried about the history books.

Sometime in the future, history books will be written about what the current crop of living  Tories regard as one of their finest hours. They want history to record how the country was saved by their beloved Mrs Thatcher, and how the country mourned her passing with dignity and respect.

It really galls them that thousands, nay millions, refuse to accept their version of events. Already it has been well documented in the media how people up and down the country have reacted in a way that is going to seriously damage their plan.

It wont look good if all the media continue to report protests,  parties and celebrations at Mrs Thatcher’s passing. I would expect to see a change in reporting, to play down the protests, and give the impression that only a minority of lefties were involved. In fact The Spectator seem to have made a start.

Memories fade, generations pass on, soon all the people will have to go on is what the history books say. And if the history books record “The Nasty Party At Their Finest”, then future Mr Cameron’s will have some explaining and apologising to do.

It’s history what really worries the Tories, they’ll be hoping that the collective memory has not been jogged too much, and if it has, it quickly forgets.

Wednesday’s funeral is about making sure the news-reel footage is positive and any negative publicity is kept to a minimum.

I’m beginning to think they may have already lost this battle, historians will stand acused of omitting much of the initial reaction to her passing if they make little reference to it. But the Tories wont give in that easily.


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