OK, own up, who’s been bullying Wilshaw?

Mr Wilshaw is deeply hurt. That’s sad.

It seems the teaching unions have been a little bit tough on him. The teaching unions really should be a little bit more sensitive when talking about Ofsted.

On the other hand Mr Wilshaw should realise that as part of the regulatory system, Ofsted could be seen as a bit of a poor performer. They are, after all, supposed to be there to rigorously drive up standards. If you read their own headlines it does seem they are always complaining that things have not improved in the last 10 minutes. Sometimes things have actually got worse. And they have been reporting this for quite a few years.

If Mr Wilshaw stopped to think for a minute, he’d surely realise that Mr Gove is not changing all the exams and messing around with teacher’s pay, and trying to do all the other things he’s got on his list,  just for the political hell of it. He’s doing it because Ofsted have not rigorously driven up standards in education. That’s got to be the reason. Why else would Mr Gove being doing these things?

One other thing Mr Wilshaw. You should decide who your friends are.

Is it all those teachers working their socks off to help the children of this country achieve something?

Or is it Mr Gove, trying to change everything in every school in this country because his political ideology tells him he should?

I’d choose those that have a lifelong committment to the education system. Those who the children depend on. And I’d be very wary of those who are out to make a fast buck for themselves and their friends.


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