I can’t remember when we last had a government that vilified so many people in this country.

It is difficult to think of a British Government that has systematically vilified so many citizens, and made life harder for so many people in this country, than the current group of millionaire politicians.

I was around when Thatcher ruled the roost. She was a divisive individual, and did her best to make life difficult for many people in this country. But she sold people council houses, gave some shares away and made life easier for those people who didn’t like trade unions or trade unionists.  I was anti-Thatcher, through and through. But there were enough people who supported her, to keep her power for a long time.

When I look at the current government, I have to wonder where their support is coming from. So many groups of people have been stigmatised, there can’t be many left who will even consider voting for them at the next election. That goes for both the coalition parties.

All the public sector workers have been attacked. Their pay has been frozen for years. Whilst all around them, the top echelons have seen massive rises in pay. Many workers have been handed over to the private sector like slaves. Their terms and conditions decimated. Take it or leave it. The rest are faced with redundancy.

If you are part of the army of low paid workers, where the promise was to” make work pay”, then you too have faced cuts. Working tax credit, an attempt to make it financially worthwhile for those on low pay, has disappeared. Tax allowances have increased, but don’t believe that they can make up the difference, when your wages are so low.

And if you are disabled, you are continually harassed about the benefits you might be entitled to. Never mind that vicious little move to introduce  the “bedroom tax“.

Even the young, striving to stay the course in education, have not escaped. One of the first casualties of Osborne’s onslaught was Educational Maintainance Allowance. This was swiftly followed by Clegg‘s cave in on tuition fees.

Of course the attacks are not just financial. The constant labeling of different groups, as lazy or feckless, or enemies, or “tourists”, here to cash in, is simply designed to divide. So much for building strong communities. Which reminds me, I haven’t heard anything from Mr Pickles for ages. What’s happened to him?

In education Mr Gove seems to be incapable of talking to teachers without castigating for something they’ve failed to do. His constant playing around, with everything from teacher’s pensions, to the curriculum, has resulted in thousands of teachers either leaving the profession or joining the nearest strike. I would guess there isn’t many votes in education for this lot, even if Clegg does go on about his much beloved pupil premium.

All the negativity generated by Gove, with his mish-mash of policies, which have nothing to do with creating a strong, united and highly motivated teaching profession, and have everything to do with picking a fight over the teachers and their unions, will end in disaster. If only the teachers would give up their union cards, education would be sorted in Gove’s mind. But they wont, and they wont vote for you either Mr Gove.

Trade unions in general come in for it. Legislation, which is it is claimed is aimed at sorting out all those nasty lobbyists, really has the unions as its target. Trade Unionists are still the nasty people. Why don’t trade unionists just join all those others on zero hour contracts, so that the hard-working business people can start to get this country moving and make profits for the rich, sorry, for the country. We could share all the wealth out much better if you silly people stopped being nasty trade unionists. I think the trade unionists, hard-working people, from hard-working families, and tax payers to boot, know the truth.

Then we have the NHS. Less than perfect, but still much-loved by the British people. If only the government could convince us to give up on it, and accept privatisation, all would be well. When the public wake up and realise just how much has been handed over to the private sector, someone will have some explaining to do.

And today we have the ultimate in “motivation” 21st century, tory style. Dressed up as a law against willful neglect, who in their right mind thinks that the threat of a jail sentence is going to result in a highly motivated workforce. The NHS is staffed by “hardworking people”, not “hardened criminals”. A jail sentence is an ocupational hazard to a criminal. To an NHS worker a jail sentence is a terrifying prospect. And all it will take is a combination of unfortunate circumstances. Yes Mr Hunt, a masterstroke. If selling off the NHS in secret is not enough, then jailing a nurse should bring the house down.

Add in mass surveillence, immigration (or should we call it xenophobia), MP’s pay rises, expenses, second homes and second jobs, energy companies, the clamour for rationalisation of an array of industries, fracking, Europe, in or out, multi-nationals and tax avoidance and evasion, our pensions and we begin to get a feel for the reality of life in Britain.

Oh, I nearly forgot the one nobody mentions now, the bloody bankers and phone hackers, which seem such a long time ago, but not forgotten. Not forgotten at all Mr Cameron. We know you, and we know who your friends are. We even know who your enemies are. Of course we do. It’s us, “the hardworking families of Britain”, “our friends in Europe”, and “our friends from around the world who come to live here, and be vilified with us”.

We’re just waiting for our chance Mr Cameron. And don’t think you’ll get away scot-free Mr Clegg! Can’t wait for my ballot paper to arrive.


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