What next for the NUT and NASUWT?

What next for the NUT and NASUWT?.

The one thing we have on our side is time. Gove is very much up against it. He is working to a 2015 deadline at best.

As Secretary of State he is a transient politician. He will not be there for ever. He might like to think his “reforms” are permanent, but we know they are only a passing phase, just as he himself is.

If he doesn’t play ball, then let’s stay in dispute. Let’s maintain our various actions. A national strike sometime before Feb 13th will keep education in the headlines.

We can call regional strikes whenever we decide it is necessary, to support our dispute with the the Sec of State.

Point out the Sec of State has not done anything to resolve the dispute. No need for all out strike action, simply attrition. We can choose to fight when we want.

ATL will collapse. Parents will increasingly become disgruntled. And Gove, without an all out strike from us, will look increasingly silly as he struggles against the tide of publicity and chaos which surrounds him.

Without the support of teachers Gove will fail. The chickens have already started coming home to roost.

We are not in hurry.


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