Even if you are filthy rich, “The Cuts” will catch up with you in the end.

Let’s deal with the easy bit. Have the Tories cut expenditure on the Environment Agency and flood defences?

Check out Tom Pride, who I think usually cuts to the point; http://tompride.wordpress.com/2014/02/11/coalition-cut-flood-defence-by-27-labour-increased-flood-defence-by-33/

It might be worth looking here so you understand why we are suffering all this extreme weather. You have been warned about it.

We have to go back further than this. When I lived in the wastelands of the north I noticed that all those silly jobs, like clearing the ditches and dredging canals and rivers started to disappear. I know this because people I knew lost their jobs. This was called Thatcherism.

Many people loved Thatcherism because it got rid of all these old-fashioned things like miners, steel workers and land workers. They were replaced with the unemployed. This process continued for thirty years.

As an idea it developed and now includes such things as, removing red tape, so houses can be built on flood planes; austerity, so that rich people don’t have to pay taxes; efficiency savings so we don’t have a glut of emergency service people, and public sector workers. The list goes on.

Today we seem to have seen a sudden change. Now we have money available to deal with the current crop of emergencies. Cameron has said we can afford whatever it takes. He seems to be saying we do have lots of money to throw at these emergencies, or, maybe he is saying we are going to borrow the money. Whatever it takes is the mantra. I think he’s approaching this from the “vote” end.

Me, I think the cuts are coming home to roost. When the cuts started they only affected the feckless poor, the unemployed, the disabled and the public sector.

Now we are starting to see that they also affect the feckless voter. If you voted for this government then this is what you get. No insurance policy. Paying tax is your insurance policy. No tax. No insurance.

If you want cuts this is what you get. Cuts to things you never even thought about. Not until you needed them and found out they were not there.

Not enough money for sandbags, which is what I’ve been hearing from the Thames Valley. But that’s just the start. Wait until you need help with the aftermath. That’s when the big bills will roll in.

You want dredging? It costs.

You want flood defences? It costs

You want someone to make sure we plan to avoid this kind of debacle? It costs

You want to make sure no one is cutting corners? You need red tape.

You want ticket offices on the London Underground? It costs

You want a hospital with doctors and nurses? It costs.

You want a school for your children, with teachers of course? It costs.

You want emergency services, police, fire and ambulance? It costs.

You want the army to help you when you are in dire straits? It costs.

You want public sector services to help you when you need help? It costs.

You want someone on border control to stop all those illegal immigrants? It costs.

You want a someone to chase all those tax avoiders? It costs

The price you pay is your income tax.

This is your insurance policy. You pay it, not for today, but for the day when you need it.

You want politicians who understand everyday life? It costs. And if you don’t think about it carefully it will cost you dearly.

Who did you vote for last time?

Who will you vote for this time?

It will cost you. Either you pay taxes, and make sure the government collect from the”Global Corporate Terrorists”,  or you pay in other ways.

And if you think we can carry on with an ever-growing economy and consumption, think again, because it will cost you.


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