Big issues

First I have to declare myself a member of NASUWT.

We are all aware of the divergent routes taken by the NASUWT and NUT.

I can’t speak for the NUT. In fact I can’t speak for the NASUWT Executive. I can only speak as a member who has supported Action Short of Strike Action and the Strike Action already taken.

Would I have supported a call from the NASUWT National Exec to strike on 26th March. Yes.

I don’t know if the National Exec decision not to call a strike is the right one.

I do know that it will quickly be obvious if Gove is serious about meetings with the NASUWT. We wont have to wait long. If he thinks he can bullshit his way through he will. I know what he’s like. The National Exec know what he’s like. If ever the term Right Honourable was misused this is it.

I will expect the National Exec to keep members of the NASUWT fully informed of progress. If National Exec want to maintain the support of members they need to keep us updated. We need to know if Gove is playing games, as he has done so far.

As a member of NASUWT, I am not here to take any more shit from a jumped up little tory wannabe. Either he comes up with the goods or we walk out. Gove will have had his opportunity.

The National Exec say they expect to see progress this term. Too right. And it better be significant progress. Not crumbs from the table. Too little progress and we know he is playing games, playing for time.

The National Exec say they will review progress this term. That gives us until Easter. We can call in ACAS, invoke ACAS, call on the TUC, but if Gove thinks he can continue with his rhetoric and games, then one way or another NASUWT members will show him he cannot. This is not a game. There are big issues at stake. The National Exec either lead us in the direction we want, or we go in that direction of our own accord.

So, until Easter.

Then we all review progress. The National Exec have a mandate to call strike action. Don’t be afraid to use it.

Remember, Gove is no friend of the teacher. Gove is no friend of the union, or its members. Gove is no friend of union leaders. We are the “enemies of promise”. Or so Mr Gove thinks.

Gove? The enemy of education?


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