The Barnfield College BBC timeline

Below is the timeline of stories reported by BBC Beds, Herts and Bucks about Barnfield.

I began to wonder about Barnfield when the “grade massaging” story was reported. As story followed story I began to ask, “Does Gove have any idea what’s going on?”

I think that question is becoming more and more relevant. Gove has created, and allowed,  unaccountable chains, federations, “education companies” and Free Schools to spring up all over the country. Like some “Day of the Triffyds” invasion, they are snipping at successful schools, and bringing disrepute into an area of public provision which was renowned for being relativity “scandal” free,

In an NUT Press Release today, “NUT comment on alleged financial irregularities at Barnfield College”Kevin Courtney, Deputy General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, says, “it is becoming increasingly clear that the Secretary of State has failed in his duty to oversee the governance and management of academies and free schools”.

As well as the Barnfield investigation, the press release mentions another investigation at the King’s Science Academy in Bradford. Add in other problems around the country, and it is abundantly clear that the Secretary of State for Education has failed in his duty to oversee.

Given that it is the Secretary of State’s policies that are directly responsible for this state of affairs, it clearly raises questions about his competency.  And given his record on handling the ongoing dispute with the NUT and The NASUWT, it’s clear we have a Secretary of State who has no idea what he is doing, or what is happening in schools around the country.

Timeline of BBC Beds Herts & Bucks Stories

19th Sept 2012  Barnfield College withdraws Luton development plans

29th Oct 2013 Barnfield Federation under investigation over “grade massaging”

29th Oct 2013 Barnfield Federation chosen to run new Ely primary school

4th Dec 2013 Former Barnfield Federation Head Sir Peter Birkett quits new post

10th Dec 2013 Barnfield pupils “were spoon fed to meet grade targets”

16th Jan 2014 Barnfield Federation Education Company: New inquiry launched

12th Feb 2014 Dame Jackie Fisher named as new chief of Barnfield Federation

18th Feb 2014 Barnfield College “wrongly claimed” £1m of funding



  1. I am no supporter of academies nor am I a supporter of Gove … the timeline goes much farther back … to get to the truth, you need to research back to 2005 and look at the time under labour until 2010 then onwards. Do not consider the BBC the sole source in this matter.

      1. … you may note that the investigation has been under BIS and Cable … its worth putting some other facts together … in one interview the interim CEO’s stated that the college had a greater surplus than is now being reported … are these the same execs to get ‘undue’ bonuses as reported.

        Also another question, if there has been a financial claim, has these ‘pseudo students’ been claimed for certification … which would lead to another question on fraud

  2. Gove is still keeping the lid on publication. I noticed the “bonuses” stuff. Without oversight no one knows what’s going on. Someone needs to do some serious digging, but I don’t think it will be me. How about you?

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