More on my email to Richard Fuller

Below is my reply to Richard Fuller regarding his offer of assistance after I emailed him regarding this

An Open, Angry Email, to Richard Fuller MP, Tory Candidate, Bedford & Kempston

To say I am angry is an understatement. The fact that this sort of thing happens is unacceptable. It seems that Whitehall politicians think they can say and do whatever they like and have no need to consider the impact their decisions and policies have on individual citizens.

Mr Fuller’s response is laudable, he wants to help with my individual problem. He misses the point. He should be working to make sure the people he represents do not have to suffer at the hands of politicians such as Duncan Smith.

I understand his difficulty, he is a member of Duncan Smith’s party. But things have to change. My problem is Mr Fuller’s problem. The solution to our problem is the removal of Duncan Smith and a change of policy. If Mr Fuller cannot help with that, then he is of no use to me. That goes for any elected member. The times they are a changing.

As an elected representative you are either with Whitehall or with the people who elected you. It’s time to choose.

So let’s see if I can raise the stakes. Failure doesn’t worry me. Not trying, now that is a worry.

Dear Mr Fuller

Thank you for your offer of assistance.

I will deal the DWP, however you could assist me by asking Mr Duncan Smith if he is aware of the serious harm his benefit regime is inflicting on people with lifelong disabilities. It would be preferable if this question were asked in The House.
Failing that, you could convey my serious concerns to Mr Cameron about his recent statements on the future of benefits post-election 2015.
In the meantime I will endeavour to raise the whole issue of benefits for people with disabilities, and their treatment by Mr Duncan Smith, with all the prospective local candidates in the forthcoming election.
I will try to enlist the help of my friends, colleagues and social media contacts.

As I have already stated, the key word is change. It is no longer acceptable for politicians in Whitehall to be immune from the impact of their decisions and it is for local elected representatives to decide whether they stand with Whitehall or with the people they claim to speak for.



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