Ballot Box Revolution

There’s an election in 4 months time. Politics in this country is in a poor state. It’s shit. We say politicians don’t listen. We say they don’t care. We say there all the same. They get elected and that’s it, until next time.

If you want something different you have to stop whispering and start screaming. You’ve got your Facebook. You’ve got your Twitter. You’ve got your blogs. You’ve got your email. Start using them.

At election time the candidates always say they will work for their constituents. Usually they work for some of them, sorting out specific problems. But they really work for their political party. That’s great for the party leaders. And who pays the wages of this particular group of public sector workers? We do. The same party leaders who moan, complain and vilify public sector workers, get a whole public sector workforce paid for by you and me.

Now if Cameron or Clegg or Miliband paid the wages, that would be fine, they could give the orders. But they don’t. You pay the wages. If you were a teacher, or bank worker, or refuse collector, your targets would be set by your employer. The school or authority, the bank, the refuse collection company, they’d be the ones setting  the targets.

Not MP’s. They take their orders from people who don’t pay their wages. They take their direction from the local party selection committees, unelected people who don’t pay the wages and don’t have to answer to anyone. They take their orders from Party Whips, Party Leaders.

So the mantra is “Just vote for us and we will represent you”.  And then they just follow orders. Well that’s a shit system

I think it’s time to reclaim our MP’s. It’s time we re-focused our MP’s back on to their real job, to represent their constituents. Bedford  would be a good place to start.

Richard Fuller, our current MP, was elected with a majority of 1353 (3%). 1353 people made the difference. Imagine if you could have a group with significant numbers to affect that majority. 700 people voting in block might do it. OK you could only refocus him a bit, as Labour were in second place by a significant margin. But if you could have a larger number of people prepared to join in, well who knows. And then when he was elected he’d probably revert, but hey it’s a start. More people, bigger impact.

I started screaming on Sunday. Was I angry. Very quickly my screaming spread. I had my issue. I screamed and people noticed. I screamed about benefits, disability and sanctions. It’s time to choose your issue and start screaming. And don’t stop. If they don’t listen scream louder, all the way to the top of Whitehall.

Don’t leave it to the BBC, Russell Brand, Question Time (where you scream at the TV and no one hears you). Do it for yourself. Scream at your MP and the other Bedford candidates Get them focused on your agenda.

Your MP is not a leader. Your MP is a follower. MP’s do what they are told to do. Well most of them. MP’s think what they are told to think. MP’s say what they are told to say. It’s time to flush them out. Challenge them.

Rusty Rockets has called for a revolution. I think it’s going to be difficult to deliver his revolution. But a ballot box revolution might be within our grasp.

It’s time to fight back. It’s time to fight the election on our battlefield, with our issues. Ignore Cameron, Clegg and Miliband, choose your issues and challenge YOUR candidates, they work for us.

Find the Twitter feeds, the Facebook pages and start dropping stuff on there. Email the candidates. Post links to whatever you are putting up.

It’s an election. Go for it. Join The Bedford Ballot Box Revolution. Don’t worry about failure. Worry about not trying.



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