Benefit sanctions, vulnerable people and email to Richard FullerMP

Good Evening Mr  Fuller

I was wondering whether you had managed to speak with Mr Duncan Smith at work, about the anger and distress his policies are inflicting on my family.

You are fully aware of my anger from my previous communications. Now I am in a much calmer state, I will set out clearly what I am asking of you as my elected representative.

Firstly, the Tory party do not pay your wages. I and the rest of my family pay them. There are 7 hardworking, taxpayers in this family contributing to your public sector salary. I think that gives me every right to ask you to act on my behalf. You work for me, not the Tory Party.

I am determined that Mr Duncan Smith is fully aware of the anger and distress his policies inflict on vulnerable people in general, and my family in particular. As my elected representative in Parliament you are in a perfect position to make this happen. Whether you are prepared to, or able to do that, I have yet to discover. I could write to Mr Duncan Smith, or his department, but I doubt that this approach will have the same impact, or that Mr Duncan Smith will even be aware of my feelings. Coming  from you, my representative, in the immediacy of a face to face meeting, the impact will be far greater.

I will also be looking at the responses of the other Bedford & Kempston candidates in the forthcoming General Election. All of this will be made public through my blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts. It will be circulated to as wide an audience as possible, including some of your colleagues in the Tory Party and other candidates in the General Election. My blog received record hits on Sunday.

Mr Duncan Smith is operating sanctions, or shall we call it punishment, on first contact. The threat is immediate, as soon as the letter drops through the letterbox, even if there is no previous history of wrong doing. The impact on a someone who is already in a difficult position is immense.

1. Is Mr Duncan Smith aware of the distress and anxiety vulnerable feel when they receive letters which contain numerous threats of benefit loss?

2. Is that the intention of his policy?

I have much more to say, but I think I should give you the opportunity to respond before I move on. And I will move on, all the way to May if necessary.

You should be aware that we have completed the form sent by the DWP. My son signed the form tonight and it will be in the post tomorrow. We have included a handwritten note to the DWP that we are communication with you.

I look forward to hearing from you.




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