Bedford Ballot Box Revolution


Politicians. You hate them, but you can’t live without them.

Political leaders who think they have the right to do whatever they want on 30% of the vote.

A collection of Public Sector workers who think they are special, intent on changing everything except themselves. MP’s who think they work for their political party, but get their pay from you the taxpayer. A group of people who rely on the masses for their pay and votes, and then spend 5 years ignoring everything the masses say. Not forgetting the blame they pour over you on a daily basis.

They are all the same. They have been the same for the last thirty years. They’ve followed the same path. They got the same results. Which is how we have arrived here, close to the end of the road. But what can you do?

You can carry on, doing the same thing, choosing between Labour, Conservative, and to a lesser extent, LibDem. You can carry on not voting. You can carry on with the insanity. Or you can have a revolution. Russell Brand has an idea. Read his book. But I don’t think not voting is going to bring the change you want. So I say vote. Not for the least worst. Vote for the change. If you have not registered to vote then do it now. It takes 5 minutes online . Then you can join in the Ballot Box Revolution.

The ballot box revolution. It’s time to vote for something different. You have a choice. You will have candidates from political parties you have never considered voting for before. Or if you did consider it, you decided against it because that would let Labour/Conservative take control. Cameron keeps telling you that the choice is between him or Miliband for Prime Minister. It’s not a Presidential Election Dave, we’re voting for an MP. An MP who is supposed to represent us in Parliament. But usually takes instructions from the Party machine. And if that’s what your MP does, then it’s time you did something about it. Vote for something different.

A giant ballot box in Bristol

Here in Bedford our known candidates are :

  • Richard Fuller  Conservative
  • Patrick Hall  Labour
  • Mahmud Henry Rogers  LibDem
  • Charlie Smith  UKIP
  • Steve Watson  Class War
  • Ben Foley  Green Party

Given that, at the 2010 election, Labour and Conservative had almost 75% of the votes, we are going to have to go some to have a revolution. Add in the LibDem votes and it goes up to 95%. That’s one hell of a shift we need.

Our “revolution” candidates line up like this:

  • Charlie Smith UKIP
  • Steve Watson Class War
  • Ben Foley Green Party

 Last time out they managed 5% of the vote. So we are looking to collect another 25% of the vote, with an even take from the three leading parties. There is nothing I like better than an underdog! We don’t stand a cat in hells chance. So let’s do it.


What’s in our favour:

  • the main parties are held in contempt by large numbers of the electorate
  • the LibDems have the Clegg factor to contend with
  • UKIP and The Green Party have seen increasing support
  • we have Facebook, Twitter and blogs
  • we are not party members


What’s against us;

  • we are not organised
  • we don’t have regular local voter intention polls
  • voter apathy

Apart from that we have nothing to worry about. And that is the rub, we have nothing at all to lose. That’s what makes it funny. We can give the politicians an awful lot to worry about without having to worry about a thing ourselves.

This is a chance to fuck up the well oiled party machines. And for free.

So the first step is to go to The Bedford Ballot Box Revolution on Facebook and make a start. Join the group. Answer the questions. Let’s see what we can do. It’ll be a miracle if we achieve anything. But miracles do happen, and I believe in Santa Claus.

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