You have enemies, and they are closer than you think.

Back in 2003, George Osborne, in his role as a TV pundit, was pointing out that it was quite simple to avoid paying inheritance tax. I assume he thought it was OK to do this, why else would he advocate it on TV. But how does that fit with all the things George is saying and doing now? Miliband

Most of us pay our taxes using PAYE. You get your wages. You pay your tax. Not forgetting all the tax you pay when you spend your wages. All the money is taken by HMRC and put to good use building a country fit for all of us to live in.

It doesn’t matter where you are on the social ladder, you will benefit from the tax that is spent. You won’t benefit personally from ALL the tax that is spent, but you will benefit from a lot of it.

If you are relatively low down on the ladder you might benefit from social security, NHS, education, if you have children, public transport, emergency services, and the like.

If you are a high earner, in addition to the above,  you might benefit from, say, airports, air traffic control, or the passport system.  If you’re in business, then all the business infra structure will help you, plus all the trade missions that HMG supports, foreign trade links established by HMG, the list goes on.

And then there are the indirect benefits. For instance, if you are in business you might benefit from the education of all those children who will grow up and become your workers and customers. That’s how it works. We pay taxes, we build a civilised country. We share our wealth. We are all proud of our country, some of us becoming very patriotic about this little island.leaders

But what about those who try to avoid paying some of their tax? Or worse, try to avoid paying it altogether?

CleggThey seem to be wanting something for nothing. They want all the benefits of paying tax, but they want to pay as little, or nothing at all, for those benefits.

Call me old-fashioned, but I’d say they are scroungers, cheats, and part of the something for nothing brigade. Whilst you are making your contribution they are busy working hard to make sure you pay their share as well.

These scroungers are often heard talking about how great this little country of ours is, how civilised we are, whilst behind the scenes they are busy hatching sordid little schemes to make sure they don’t pay their fare share. These are the people who have access to the Swiss bank accounts we are all reading about. They are helped by their friends in high places, who get paid lots of money to help them swindle the rest of the country. Not only that, they use all the things we’ve paid for to make their millions. In any other walk of life these people would be vilified, or worse, as John Wight has suggested on his blog on The Huffington Post.

Then there are the global corporations, eagerly trading here, making billions in profits, and then moving out before jolly old HMRC can do anything about it.

It’s no good looking to our esteemed leaders to do anything. They are busy heaping praise on these wealth creators, these scroungers.Cameron Not content with that, they then make hollow pronouncements about their patriotism, their love of our “great” country. I’m not surprised. Look at the money they are making. Even worse, they blame the fat people, and leave the fat cats alone.

This country has enemies. They are here amongst us. They don’t threaten us with guns or bombs. But they do threaten us by stealing our wealth. You will see them on the streets of cities. They sit at desks on the top floors of our sky-high office blocks. The MP who claims to represent you, and then votes for Bills in Parliament that will seriously damage your health. The Government Minister who sets out to hound you into the grave. The Government Minister who hands over your hard-earned assets to some private profiteer. They are taking your money by the truck load.

BennetLeaders that do nothing to prevent that theft. Leaders who positively encourage it, some even participate in it. The very same leaders who proclaim they are working hard for you and your country. When all the time their allegiance is to the global corporations.

Yes we have enemies. They are closer than you think. And they want your vote. It’s yours to withhold. Demand more. Demand better.

And then vote for someone who has your interests at heart, not the interests of their millionaire friends or the men sitting at the top of a global corporation.



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