Today I receive an election pledge from Labour.

Today’s election pledge is brought to me by Labour. It’s not as flashy as the sTory communication I received yesterday. Patrick Hall, the Labour candidate here in Bedford doesn’t get a mention, where as yesterday Richard Fuller, sTory MP, had his own little blue book.Labour 3

On the front page is the tag, “Labour: A better plan”. Well that’s not much of a claim. Osborne’s plan is so full of holes it reads like it’s modelled on a sieve.

Labour’s “Better Plan” will lead us all to, “A Better Future”. I’d like to believe it. But I don’t. It changes little. All the shit that goes on now will still go on. You are of Westminster.

Labour will

  • Balance the books
  • Better wages
  • Back the next generation

Labour 2Open up the double page spread and it’s all there:

  1. The Deficit Down Early; strong economy; mansion tax; more nurses; more doctors
  2. Pay Rise For Hardworking Britain: minimum wage up to a colossal £8/hour; hard work matched by fair pay; ban zero hour contracts
  3. Apprenticeships For The Next Generation: get the skills you need; as many in apprenticeships as go to Uni
  4. Help For Working Parents: 25 hours free childcare; wrap around child care through every primary school
  5. Stop The Undercutting Of Wages: ban agencies that only hire workers from overseas; stop the exploitation of migrant workers; stop people claiming benefits until they have lived here for 2 years; more border staff to tackle illegal immigration


There you have it, Labour’s radical plan for a better future.

It’s hard to imagine a more insipid radical plan. There’s some nice little tit-bits in there, but radical? Global corporations; roll back anti-union legislation; solving the long-term energy problems; environment & climate change; housing; education; making sure that the wealth created here is shared amongst everyone, even fat people!; roll back the benefit sanction ideology & sort out the mess of Drunken Smith; reform the upper chamber; scrap honours; sort political party funding; gives us a democracy we can be proud of. What has happened to you Labour? You are a frightened party. You are tinkering.

And I’ve not even mentioned the mess that is rail travel; re-nationalise. I could go on.

Take a look at the pay of some of the hard-working people you claim to represent.


Look who is at the top. And let’s face there’s whole lot of MP’s pulling in a few extra pounds on the side. Then look what happens when you leave, especially if you have made it to Minister. Directorships by the bucket load. And do they work harder? No.

Thanks, but no thanks, I’ll fight for the real alternative, it’s out there if you look.


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