Prosecute the HSBC tax dodgers

Response from Charlie Smith, UKIP Candidate Bedford & Kempston Constituency, GE 2015

Bedford Burrow & Other Curious Stuff

FROM 38 Degreesletter fuller tax dodging

Why don’t tax-dodgers ever go to jail?

HSBC has been caught helping the richest people in Britain dodge £millions in tax. There’s been the usual media fuss and hand-wringing from politicians. But so far only one single tax dodger – and not a single HSBC banker – has faced charges. Let’s try to change that.

We need to show that the public’s had enough, and demand all those engaged in tax-dodging crimes face charges. A big petition now will help focus the debate on the big issue: those who commit banking and tax crimes should be prosecuted just like any other criminals. Click the 38 Degrees link below

Sign the 38 Derees petition to prosecute the HSBC Tax Dodgers

Tell all candidates in Bedford: crack down on tax dodging

You will go to a 38 Degrees pro-forma letter to all the candidates in the coming 2015 general…

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