The vulnerable are vilified for their misfortune, whilst the elite are rewarded. Do they care?

Today was full of Jack Straw, Malcolm Rifkind and Stuart Guliver. Whether what has gone on is within the rules, legal, illegal, or anything else, I have no idea.

I know that people forget what you say. People don’t remember what you did. But they definitely remember how you made them feel. And today the state of the UK Establishment did it again. They made me feel sick.

Under the radar? What does that mean? What happened to transparency?

Is being an MP a part-time job? It seems so. There seems to be plenty of time for jobs on the side. All perfectly declared, within the rules, nothing done wrong. It stinks.

Then we have  Stuart Gulliver. A tangled web of money and accounts designed to hide money from ……… his colleagues. Maybe. But what sort of people do we have running things.

What kind of people do we entrust to be honest, open and transparent? Why do we trust them? And rewards? Thousands, millions, billions of pounds. What kind of people are they?

I heard Tom Watson on Channel 4 News, I paraphrase, “Ed Miliband is trying to change things, to rebuild the trust. It will be difficult”.

Tom, I like you. I trust you. But on this you are wrong. The trust cannot be rebuilt. The current group of people at the top, across the board, can never be trusted with anything.

The vulnerable are vilified for their misfortune, whilst the elite are rewarded. Do they care how we feel about them? Do they care?

And they laugh. They laugh at me. They laugh at you. All of us. Surely the time is coming.

The state of Britain yesterday. The state of Britain Today.

Make the state of Britain tomorrow different.

There is an election. Use it.



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