If you want new politics you need to vote for new politicians.

Rifkind and Straw. Straw and Rifkind. A modern day political double act.

One claims no one pays him. He seems to forget he’s on a  £67,000 MP’s salary. Both seem to treat the MP salary as pocket money. Both charge fees, up to £8,000,  for a few hours work.

I use the term “work” loosely, as all they seem to do is seek  “views” of Government Ministers and scuttle around “under the radar”.

Apparently they don’t see themselves as MPs-for-hire, more ex-ministers offering their expertise. Expertise they acquired working for us, paid by us. We the electorate don’t understand you see, it’s too complicated for us.say no

Later there is a claim that it is  “unrealistic” to manage on the MP salary of £67 500 old boy. And as they stand in the head teacher’s office they still don’t seem to understand why they are there. They haven’t done anything wrong.

Of course they haven’t. I would say the vast majority of MPs are baffled as to what all the fuss is about. Directorships and consultancy fees float around Westminster like shit in a sewer. A rather accurate metaphor I think. And we  are told the “house” has been cleaned up.

But was it? OK  ridiculous claims for duck houses have stopped since the expenses scandal, but there is still a lot “second home” stuff going on. And all the second and third and fourth jobs. In Westminster think it’s ok for MPs to hold directorships, consultancy’s  and other jobs, earning millions between them,  on top of the £67 500 pocket money we “give” them.

The Captains of Waste.
The Captains of Waste.

Here’s a thought. Put MPs on the average wage so they are in touch with us, the voters. We need to break the link between “our” MPs and the “business elite”. We need to break the link between those who are drowning in million pound bonuses, and are happy to pay our MP to work for them. It has to stop.

It’s time to take back our politics. Let’s take a bloody big brush and sweep Westminster clean. No more “political class”. No more “business elite” paying “our” politicians to make it easier for the  “super-rich” and “bonus boys” to make more £millions at our expense. We need new politics.

But if we want new politics, we have to vote.

And if we vote, we have to vote for new politicians.

We need a new Westminster.

And you can do that in May, at the 2015 General Election.

Vote for the common good, not big business
Vote for the common good, not big business

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