Natalie Bennett goes into next week stronger than ever, comfortable with the NEW POLITICS

OK, we know it wasn’t good, but hey stuff happens. Messing up is not such a bad thing. It’s what you do next that matters.

Vote for the common good, not big business
Vote for the common good, not big business

The reaction outside of Natalie’s friends and supporters was predictable. Yes, predictable. That’s why they do the job they do, they’re all predictable. By Friday the political pundits had taken what they could. The comedians had made use of Natalie’s discomfort, apart from Sarah Millican. On Channel Four’s “One Man and His Leg”, or is it “Lost Leg”, Sarah did a little bit of the hesitation stuff. But by then we’d seen it all and Sarah, bless her, had missed the boat.

But what of Natalie. First of all she stood up and admitted her failure. Not with a sort of non-apology, apology, but a full heart felt sorry. Imagine if one of the suits had been in Natalie’s position. They would have wriggled and kicked, blaming anyone but themselves.

Natalie showed characteristics that left everyone in no doubt that she is one of us. There was no PR or Spin Devil operation aimed at damage limitation. Natalie showed her human side. The emotion was evident for all to see. After last week We know she is just like us, a sincere, genuine human with feelings. She is not the face of an expensive PR driven Brand. She is leader of The Green Party. The Green Party, the party of the people. Natalie is of the people. The policies are of The Party.

As Natalie goes into next week she will be stronger. She will gain from the experience. People now know something of Natalie’s true strength. They know Natalie doesn’t rely on others to feed words into her mouth. She speaks for herself. She speaks from the heart. She is like all of us. She is not distant. She is not frightened to speak of herself.

vote hopeJust imagine if one of The Suits had Natalie’s experience. But they wouldn’t have that happen. They would just make sure they delivered what the Spin Devils had told them to deliver. That’s why we need change. That’s why we need new politics. That’s why we need more Natalie Bennett’s. Natalie represents the politics of HOPE.

The Suits are THE POLITICS of Fear, there own Fear.




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