TTIP scares the shit out of Worcester Councillors. The Greens could save you

Well I’ve never been to Worcester, but it sounds an interesting place.

The Local Green Party councillors are not taking TTIP lying down. They’ve raised it in council meetings down there, or up there, wherever it is. ūüôā

The Worcester News reports, “Green Councillor Neil Laurenson came under criticism during a full council meeting for raising the topic, with some politicians saying the Worcester public have bigger concerns. ”

Someone from Labour said, “”If you (the Conservatives) trust this process, then rather than have it kept secret, let’s see it and have an opportunity to influence it.”

The Tory response was that we don’t want to worry the voters little minds with TTIP, the voters have more important things to worry about.

Too true, like¬†whether the Tories are going to attack¬†In Work Benefits, just like they’ve attacked all other benefits. Oh, and whether the local Foodbank will stay open.¬†¬†And whether the Tories are going to give everything to their rich international¬†friends via TTIP.

Of course The Green Party are the only Party to oppose TTIP

Read The Worcester News here: (no not in Worcester, online)

Worcester councillors hot under the collar over EU-US trade deal (From Worcester News).


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