Your NHS is under threat. You were warned in 2012. Now it’s going to happen.

Campaigners warned in 2012 that the Health and Social Act was a serious threat to the NHS. Now it’s happening right before your very eyes. The sTories are making no attempt to hide, they are just telling us little cover stories. They are telling you not to worry, “We’ll never privatise the NHS”, they say.  I say you need to worry. You need to think about what you are going to mps save nhs

And so it came to pass, that when the 2012 Act was passed, by the Honourable and Right Honourable Gentlemen, everything was made ready. The Secretary of State duly passed control to the Community Commissioning Groups. No longer are your Hospitals and Doctors under democratic control. For the Community Commissioning Groups answer to no one. Who knows who is “serving” on these groups. And how can you get rid of them if you don’t like what they are doing.

Now we have £millions, nay I say unto thee, £billions flowing from the NHS to the private sector. That’s £billions going from the public purse into private profit. You pay your taxes. The Government gives it to the commissioning groups. The commissioning groups spend it in the private sector. From your wages, into private sector profits. That’s how it works.

Now in 2013, it was said, in the month of April, that ye will face “co-payments”.  This was said on high by the Head of the NHS. But what is this meaning. Basically you will have to cough up for part of your Basic NHS services. What was once free is now “co-paid”.

The Government gives your tax money to the Private Sector, via Commissioning Groups. The Private Sector then provide a service using your tax money. But because they need profit, they will then charge you a bit more for the service. And the Lord said thou shall pay twice. And thou shall enjoy paying twice, for it has been passed in the Honourable Act of 2012. And that friends is “co-payment”.

Yes we all know it’s the Tories. But before you forget, let’s not forget the seed that was planted by the Labour Party. Like all seeds, it has germinated. Soon it will blossom and bear fruit for the Private Sector, and there will be a great harvest, in profit and wealth.

TTIPAnd the Great Profit will be used to spread wealth amongst the needy few. For it is they that deserve the riches. And your NHS will wither and die before your eyes. And you will then choose between food and warmth and shelter and health, for yours will be the choice of poverty. And behold you and your children will suffer.

So now is the time to decide. Do you follow the false profits of Labour, Conservative, LIbDem and UKIP. The profits of false promises.

Or do you follow the The Green Party, who believe, ” in a publicly owned and publicly run NHS. The profit motive has no place in healthcare. We don’t want the American model, which is hugely costly and delivers poor results”.

But that is Not quite true. It depends on what results Thou want. If you are a Private Health Provider, who creates the huge costs, then you get huge Profits, with the benefit of “co-payment”. That’s a result, if you’re in it for the profit.

At the General Election you need a result. You need to Save Your NHS.

Who will you vote for?

  • Vote Tory. NHS dead.
  • Vote Labour. NHS slowly fades and is reborn as private sector NHS
  • Vote LibDem. You’ll get Labour or Tory policies, depends who offers them the best deal.
  • Vote UKIP. God help us!
  • Vote Green. Save your NHS



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