So what are the Tories for?

The Tory Party has one aim. It was set up to do one thing. And it’s bloody good at doing it.-BRITAIN-PAY-RISE-WAGES-570

The Tory Party is there to make sure that wealth and power stays in the hands of those who already have it.

It ‘s not too bothered about changes around the edge. Tories can live with that. Rearranging the deck chairs is an inconvenience. It’s not a threat.

But meddle in the way power is orchestrated, and suddenly the whole machinery of the establishment swings into action.

Miliband has been seen as threat. Not the labour party, just Miliband. The Tories are not at all threatened by Labour. But Miliband could change Labour. He needs to be dealt with. And the best way to deal with Miliband is to convince Labour they have a problem. That job has been done.

The rest of the Labour cohort don’t threaten the status quo at all. If they become the next Government, the existing wealth and power base is not threatened at all. The Tory project will be slowed, but it wont be de-railed, not by Labour. The Labour Party are no longer the crusading party of the past. There are few individuals who can upset things, but Labour is no longer a threat to the establishment.

The Tories are quite happy to give enough, a pay rise, to enough people, to get elected. But they are not about to give away the power. Privatisation is about transferring power to their unelected friends, out of the reach of voters, local democratic leaders, workers, and Labour, if they get elected.

Richard Fuller looking a dapper chap at work.
Richard Fuller looking a dapper chap at work.

And if the Tories don’t get elected, they know that Labour is not going to bring about radical change. Things will be pretty much the same when Labour leave office. The Tories can carry on. But if their wealth and power are threatened that’s different.

So that’s it. The point of the Tories is to make sure the wealth and power stays in their hands, and the hands of their friends.

If you’re comfortable with that, vote Tory. If the Tory offer is good enough, and you are prepared to accept it, vote Tory. Make the deal.

BennIf you don’t like it, ……………. don’t put your faith in Labour, or the LibDems, or UKIP. They’ve decided to work with the system.

So what are you going to do?


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