Ha Ha The Torygraph is on drugs again

The Greens are gathering in Liverpool for their annual conference. It’s their largest yet – so the council will have to find extra parking spaces for all the broomsticks.” Daily Torygraph

You have to laugh as the Torygraph sinks back into it’s drug addled story telling, for the benefit of there poor Tory voters.

Let’s face it, they need to be really frightened if they have to make sure not too Tory voters jump good ship Cameron, as it lists violently to Starboard.

It’s difficult to work out who the Tories are most afraid of. Maybe they are afraid of everybody who votes, especially if the voters take the time to find out what the other parties really stand for. If that happens then the game is well and truly up for Bluster Boy Cameron.

Read it and have a giggle.

The Green Party is a Looney Tunes alliance of druids and trots – Telegraph.


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