Natalie Bennett comes good amid conference chaos | Politics | The Guardian – so says John Crace

Natalie Bennett comes good amid conference chaos | Politics | The Guardian.

From The Guardian Article by Mr Grace – “Then there’s the chaos, factored in to make everyone feel so much better about their own disorganisation. ‘There will be a press conference with Natalie Bennett and refreshments at 1pm,’ the programme promised. Apart from there being no Natalie, no food and no chairs, the press conference was a stunning success. “We think the conference is going to be quite exciting,” said Matthew Butcher, the Green spokesperson who had been left to improvise. It was the word “quite” that was so heart-breaking.”

No Mr Crace, nothing is “factored in”, it just happens. Life is not a stage-managed event, like the Tory, Labour & LibDem cartel would have you think. Get used to it. Politics is changing, and you don’t like it ……….

So Natalie Bennett wasn’t there. Does it matter? It obviously does to you Mr Crace. Sorry I forgot, you have a very important job to do. What is it? Oh yes write a story.

There were no free sandwiches? Wow. That’s serious. What on earth did you do? Did you manage to survive?

No chairs? Oh no, what will you do? I’m sure you sorted it out.  Mr John Crace your stories are so old politics. Times are changing. No one cares about whether they get to speak to some self-important journalist. We don’t care if you don’t get any free sandwiches. And you can stand up like the rest of us, you are not important anymore. You are not at the Tory or Labour conference you know. No one is going to pander to you unless the old politics wins. And they might. But that’s not a problem. The problem is if nobody bothers to fight back.

The Green Party, what will they do when they run the country? They’ll make a good job because they wont be pandering to your agenda Mr Crace. Or anyone else’s agenda. Just the Green Party agenda. And if it doesn’t make you feel so special and important well that’s tough. We don’t care. I couldn’t give a fuck whether you get a sandwich or a chair. I’m interested in whether we can give the suits a scare. I’m interested in a Party that just might give us what we want. Not more of what’s failed for the last thirty years. Not more of what’s given the suits what they want, and fuck the rest of us.

What I find so “Heart warming” is that you had to “endure” such chaos. Made my day. More chaos, that’s what we want. And less staged managed bullshit from the Westminster suits. Come on Natalie stay away from that stuff. Just carry on the way you for what you believe in

Welcome to The New Politics. Welcome to “Voting For What You Believe In”.

Goodbye to “Voting through Fear.” No more “Vote Green” get “Tory”. No more “Vote SNP” get “Tory”. No more “Vote Ukip” get “Labour”. We are not frightened anymore.

Vote Tory, get more of what we’ve had for the last thirty years. Vote Labour, get more of what we’ve had for the last thirty years. Vote LibDem, get whatever deal Nick Clegg can do to get the best job for himself. No. Vote for what you believe in. And bollocks to whatever spin you want to put on that.


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