Another email to Richard Fuller MP



Richard Fuller MP for Bedford & Kempston sent me the email on 11th Feb 2015. That email is at that bottom. Since then nothing. Me thinks he is trying to close down the correspondence. I have other ideas. I have just sent him the email below:


It’s sometime since I received the email below. Any progress?
Are you trying shut this correspondence down by any chance?
You might like to view “Benefits Britain –  Despatches” on Channel 4, and then ask Mr Duncan Smith about his policies.
The question is this: Is my son being subjected to deliberate targeting as a result of Mr Duncan Smith’s policies? I think the answer is yes. And he’s not the only one. who suffers.  You might like to read this . I will contact jaynelinney and find out who her MP is. You can then have a chat with him and find out what he thinks.
As I understand it, benefits are an entitlement, unless of course Mr Duncan Smith says otherwise.
I’ll be in touch.

The above was in reply to this email of 11th Feb 2015:


Thank you for sending me your emails.  I have read each of them and reviewed the links to articles as well.

I am considering the policy issues raised in each of them and will provide you with a full response



Hope you can follow that. I’ll keep you posted.

Maybe he’s trying to delay until after 7th May. If he loses then it will no longer be his responsibility to reply. I understand his logic.


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