Liverpool Riverside: Martin Dobson

Martin Dobson is the Candidate for Riverside in the 2015 General Election.

Martin has lived in the area for 28 years, and has recently come to prominence by setting up the Save Sefton Park Meadows Campaign.

Martin has brought up his family while managing a voluntary rights organisation for people with learning disabilities.

Currently, he runs his own business developing easy web applications for people who are unable to read or write.

Martin joined the Green Party in 2003 after leaving the Labour Party because of what he saw as their illegal invasion of Iraq and alignment with neo-liberal economic policies, which seemed to be giving our public services over to private companies.

Liverpool continues to grow and impress with its continued breakthroughs in former Labour heartlands – just this year the Greens elected a Councillor on the Wirral for the first time.


Martin Dobson
Martin Dobson

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