Sheffield Central: Cllr. Jillian Creasy

Cllr. Jillian Creasy is the Candidate for Sheffield Central Constituency in the 2015 general election.

Jillian has been a Councillor for Sheffield Central ward since 2004 and was Sheffield’s first Green City Cllr.

Formerly a general practitioner, she joined the Green Party soon after arriving in Sheffield in the mid-1980s, but became more active around the start of the war in Iraq and the proposal to build a giant new incinerator in the city.

Along with other Green Cllrs Creasy has championed environmental issues across the city and kept up the pressure for better public transport.

They have pushed for city-wide carbon targets and investment in renewable energy and energy saving.

Sheffield Central like many university cities has experienced a significant rise in membership figures since 2010.

It is now has one of the largest concentration of Green Party members in the country.


Jillian Creasy
Jillian Creasy

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