Labour fears The Green Party. Rob Shepherd fights back.


How the Green Party is responding to Labour’s fear of a “Ukip of the left”.

Rob Shepherd, Green Party media officer and a Green candidate for Preston Park, Brighton, in the 2015 council elections, fights back.

The Labour party  has created a national anti-Greens unit, headed by shadow justice secretary Sadiq Khan. Confirmation, if ever it were needed, that Labour now recognises where the home, for voters of the left, is. The Green Party.say no

Labour doesn’t offer a real alternative. Labour is now closer to Big Business than it is to its founding Trade Union roots.

The Labour Party is now a fully paid up member of the establishment, accepting all that membership of the establishment dictates. The Labour Party can no longer offer an alternative to the established status quo. The growing Green Trade Union Groups, show that individual trade union members recognise this.

Labour finds itself facing in opposite directions, in an effort to stabilise its collapsing vote.

Ed Balls promises to out-tough the Tories on spending and welfare. Ed Miliband talks about saving the NHS, taking on big business, a mansion tax and tackling climate change while supporting fracking, HS2, and growth in the fossil fuel industry. Yet they both say Tory spending plans will be Labour spending plans.

Rob Shepherd fights back, exposing Labour attacks, and shows how the Green Party is the new home for voters on the left. Read his piece in the link.

No one is frightened any longer.

The Captains of Waste.
The Captains of Waste.

What’s to be afraid of?

Vote Labour get Tory.  Vote LibDem get Tory.  Vote Tory get Tory.  Vote UKIP get Tory.

Looking for a home on the left?

Vote Green

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