Ben Foley, Green Party Candidate for Bedford

Ben Foley
Ben Foley

Ben Foley has lived close to Bedford railway station for 17 years, with family ties to Bedford that go back more than a century. He’s a regular swimmer in council pools, and is a season ticket holder at Arsenal FC. Ben joined the “People’s march for the NHS” when it came into Bedford in September, and has pledged to defend Bedford Hospital from cuts and creeping privatisation.

Ben is particularly concerned that Bedford’s school system is a mess. It has a mix of 2-tier & 3-tier, with academies and a ‘Free School’ unaccountable to local people. A priority for Ben is to get this mess sorted out. The Greens offer hope of a school system with co-operation and co-ordination by the local education authority, making sure every school is a good school. A system without the division and waste caused by academies, free schools, and league tables.

Dr Foley researches and lectures at De Montfort University. As part of his work, his advice to Government on the ‘Implementation of Electronic Voting in the UK’ helped convince them that the time is not right to introduce electronic voting, which would be a waste of money.

Ben commutes by train, and is a committee member of Bedford Commuters’ Association. He strongly supports the Green policies to return railways to public ownership, stopping profits being put before passengers; to introduce an immediate 10% fare cut; and to increase investment in public transport to ensure passengers are provided with an affordable, quality service.

via | Green Party Members’ Website.


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