How MPs voted on move to change Official Secrets Act over CSA | ExaroNews

How MPs voted on move to change Official Secrets Act over CSA | ExaroNews.

Last week Theresa May said she hoped that the Official Secrets Act would not be used against police officers who might give evidence in the Child Abuse Inquiries.Top Secret

Maybe she had forgotten that she had voted against an amendment that would have prevented the Official Secrets act being used for that purpose.

She probably doesn’t remember that most of her Party voted against it too.

For those in Bedford, you should know that Richard Fuller voted against the amendment.

But that’s the Tories for you, say one thing, and then vote to make sure the Establishment can continue to cover their tracks.

The amendment had been in place for sometime before the vote took place, so MPs cannot claim they did not have time to consider it. The only excuse for not considering it is that they were busy on other jobs, making sure that the money continued to flow into their personal bank accounts.

David Cameron has stated that he is, “absolutely clear that he does not want anyone prosecuted for uncovering wrongdoing in such a way”. That inspires confidence.

Check the list of MPs.

Find out how your MP voted and let the electorate know what they are doing.



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