TTIP Explained: Loss of Profit or Loss of Democracy?

Young Greens of England and Wales | TTIP Explained: Loss of Profit or Loss of Democracy?.

TTIP? Read this and The Young Greens, then decide.

Global TTIP

You will be when it comes knocking on the door. But it’ll be too late by then. TTIP is possibly the biggest Neo-Liberal-Economic threat to our/your democratic and economic freedom. It’s probably not an exaggeration to suggest TTIP will ensnare every free, democratically elected body in its tentacles.

TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, is designed to remove “trade barriers” for Global Corporations. In the eyes of the Global Corporations a “trade barrier” is  an environmental safeguard, a workers’ right, affordable AIDS drugs, food safety, animal protection, data protection and your democratic rights.

The NHS is under particular threat, since the international drug companies will be able to demand/control much of the NHS drug purchases. TTIP is the law that will be in place to protect Global Corporations. It will make sure they take their profit, either from your pocket, or in the form of compensation taken from the taxes you pay. And your rights wont count for anything, you may as well be a slave. Well more of a slave than you already are.

TTIP is a two-pronged attack on every citizen of the UK. It is an attack on our democracy. It is an attack on our freedom to resist the financial terrorists that the Global Corporations represent.

stop TTIPAny politician who tells you that TTIP is a good thing, is about to sign you over to the Global Corporations. If you think things are bad now, just wait until Westminster sells you into Global slavery,



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