The Green Party will introduce a Green New Deal

The significance of Cut Carbon, Create Jobs, is that the jobs created will be Real Jobs. A real job is a job that needs doing and is worth paying a real wage to do. No zero hours contracts. No job creation scheme. No “phoney” training scheme. Just a real job.

Natalie Bennett

Natalie Bennett


The Green Party opposes Austerity. Austerity is the main policy put forward by all the major political parties currently resident in Westminster. That’s Tory, Labour and LibDem. You can add to UKIP to that list, but they are not a major political party.


By proposing Austerity as their main economic policy the Tory, Labour and LibDems

will continue their attack on the most vulnerable people. Their victims will be the low paid, the unemployed, pensioners, children, the sick, the disabled and carers.

Rupert Read Green Party Candidate Cambridge

Rupert Read Green Party Candidate Cambridge

Jobs will be lost in every region of the country. If you listen closely during the election campaign you might hear of job losses at the same time as you hear Westminster politicians making promises about future jobs. As I write this, B & Q are reporting the closure of 60 outlets around the country.

Caroline Lucas MP

Caroline Lucas MP

Many of these jobs will be in vital public services. Day centres. Youth services. Libraries. Public transport. Retail. Banking. Manufacturing.

The Green Party will introduce a Green New Deal to create jobs. A major insulation programme. Building more social housing. Developing renewable energy sources. Public transport investment. Waste management and recycling. As well as creating jobs, these initiatives will begin the process of protecting our environment, providing sustainable energy and they will begin to address the chronic housing shortage we face.

The NHS will be protected from privatisation and damaging cuts. This will protect services and begin to return employees back into secure jobs, so they can concentrate on providing quality services, free from worry.

Darren Hall

Darren Hall

Pensioner poverty will be attacked by the introduction of a weekly Citizens Pension of £170 for a single person, and £300 for a couple.

The minimum wage will be replaced by a living wage so that those in work are paid a fair days pay for a fair days work.

A fairer taxation system will fund these developments. Tax dodgers will be targeted with the same vigour that the vulnerable have been targeted by the Coalition Government. Those who can afford to pay more, by virtue of their astronomical incomes, will pay more.

Natalie Bennett, Leader of The Green Party, says, “I’m backing public sector workers because the Coalition Government’s programme of false economies makes no sense. Austerity is the wrong direction, we need a new economic model.”

Amelia Womack, Deputy Leader of The Green Party

Amelia Womack, Deputy Leader of The Green Party

She is against spending cuts because, “Cuts shouldn’t fall on public services, the disabled and jobs. We should be cracking down on tax avoidance and excessive banker’s bonuses, whilst saving money by scrapping Trident and road building.

Lesley Grahame

Lesley Grahame

“Since the financial crash nothing has been done to prevent a second economic crisis”, says Natalie. “All the Coalition Government plans revolve around ordinary people losing their jobs, their benefits or their homes.”

The economy is still dependent on financial services. The promise to re-develop the economy and move it in a different direction has failed.

Natalie Bennett says, “We need to regulate the financial industries and build a more democratic economy. We need to bring manufacturing and food production back to Britain. We need to invest in green industries, from public transport to insulation, to create a million new jobs.”

Ben Foley

Ben Foley

It’s time to think about a new deal, a New Green Deal. The old Politics offer more of the same old failed politics and economy. More reliance on financial industries, with excessive rewards for the elite at the top of these industries, accompanied by mis-selling and tax avoidance.

The New Green Deal will bring “democratic” economics to Britain, where everyone gets to share in the rewards.

It’s time to vote for The New Green Deal.


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