Greens respond to National Union of Teachers ballot

Responding to the National Union of Teachers’ ballot on their response to planned education spending cuts, Samantha Pancheri, Green Party Spokesperson for Schools, said:

“The recent leaders’ debate gave an unprecedented platform for the anti-austerity movement, and showcased to the public that there is a genuine alternative to the spending cuts which have plagued this country in recent years. The Green Party are committed to protecting public spending, and investing in public services – particularly schools.

“Reports from the National Union of Teachers conference this weekend have highlighted widespread concerns about the future of school funding under potential Labour and Conservative governments. The Institute for Fiscal Studies this week analysed both the parties’ policies and found that schools’ spending ability will be cut by almost 7% per pupil as pupil numbers increase by more than 400,000, but funding fails to increase in real terms.

“In contrast, the Green Party’s comprehensive school funding policies will resolve these concerns by restoring funding to 2010 levels in real terms and distributing it fairly amongst Local Authorities. By bringing free schools and academies under Local Authority control, we will relieve the escalating problem of school places, and put an end to the devaluing of the teaching profession that has arisen through the increasing use of unqualified, underpaid teachers.

“Improving educational outcomes for children demands investment not spending cuts.”



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