HS2 is a Coalition Vanity Project – cancel it and save £billions

The Coalition Government have come up with the ultimate vanity project, HS2. We don’t need it. And a lot of us don’t want it.

Instead of HS2 we should be upgrading our existing transport systems. In all our cities. We might be able to leave our cars at home and spend less time in traffic jams, stuck on roads going nowhere. If we could use high quality public transport, at a reasonable cost, train, bus or tram,  arriving and leaving at regular intervals life just might be a little easier. We can bring our transport up to a level seen in other parts of Europe and around the world. All it needs is the commitment.

The money that is planned for HS2, last count I heard was around £50billion, and rising, could be used much better. Invested sensibly it would boost our economy, it would help create jobs and it help the environment.

The plan, to build a high-speed rail link between London, Birmingham, Manchester and possibly a few more places in the North is fine, if you want to go to those places. If you don’t it’s no use what-so-ever to you. Much better to spread it around across the whole system and everyone benefits. The Common Good.HS2 Map

HS2 will have expensive fares. It will be subsidised by the Government, just like the current Privatised fiasco, taxpayer subsidy it’s called. It’ll be used by those Big Business people who don’t pay their own fares, claim it on expenses. A bit like MPs.

We want public transport for the common people, the common good. Transport to get around town or city. Rural transport to get from village to town, or city. Quick, frequent, regular, reliable and clean. Give us that and we’ll be happy.

The Green Party support the scrapping of HS2.

HS2 Interactive Map and propaganda

Stop HS2

The Green Party Opposes HS2

The Green Party website


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