Green Party respond to Increased Speed Limits For Lorries

Responding to the introduction of higher speed limits for lorries, Green Party Local Transport Spokesperson Caroline Russell said:

“Raising speed limits for lorries over 7.5 tonnes on single carriageway main roads is dangerous in the extreme. We should be reducing the capacity of these huge vehicles to cause harm rather than increasing speeds and adding to road danger and risk.

“This will be unpleasant for communities living by these roads and downright lethal for people walking and cycling along them especially bearing in mind there are rarely any bike tracks or pavements. An extra 10mph speed in a crash involving cars worsens outcomes but if you add in the extra weight of a 7.5 tonne truck, the results may be catastrophic. The government has even admitted that there will be more and more serious crashes,   The price of shaving a few minutes off a journey is just too high.”



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