The General Election may be over, but we have unfinished business

Well that took everyone by surprise, even that guy living in Downing Street looked a bit shocked. Here in Bedford it went like this:

  • Richard Fuller 19625 (42.5%)
  • Patrick Hall 18528 (40.2%)
  • Charlie Smith 4434 (9.6%)
  • Mahmud Henry Rogers 1958 4.3%)
  • Ben Foley 1412 (3.1%)
  • Faruk Choudhury 129 (0.3%)
  • Turnout 66.5%

Something like 33.5% of Bedford’s electorate didn’t vote.

Bedford Today

And Mr Fuller starts all over again. Here’s his record for last term.

We should all be keeping an ever closer eye on our MP, and that is exactly what I intend to do. Soon I’ll be producing The Richard Fuller Watch. His voting record, speeches, interests, and even his favourite breakfast cereal will be appearing here.

Next I will continue to engage in politics on the street, starting here10155229_865009623566929_2484359454760123578_n

And let’s not forget what can be achieved by:

Change.orgreform our voting system to make it fair and representative

38 Degrees: let’s be a campaigning electorate


The General Election may be over, but we have unfinished business.

With power comes responsibility, and with responsibility comes opposition, from an active electorate.10444350_10155541231805788_2645866397347477048_n

It’s our right to oppose, and oppose we will. Democracy demands that our Government justify everything they do in our name,with the mandate they have been given. And the same applies to our MPs. Challenge them. Watch them. Monitor them.

We are not a passive electorate. We are a campaigning, opposing, defiant electorate, and we are watching Westminster.

blog-w1.pngWhat’s more, we’ll do our damnedest to make sure all our families, friends, workmates and social media  contacts know.







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