TTIP – a response from the office of Stuart Agnew MEP (UKIP)

I post the reply from Stuart Agnew's Office without further comment.

Thank you for your email regarding the Transatlantic Trade & Investment
Partnership agreement, addressed to Stuart Agnew MEP. He has asked me to
reply to you, on his behalf.

Rest assured that Mr Agnew is well aware of this agreement and shares your
concerns. The UKIP MEPs are closely watching the details of the basis of
this agreement and have already agreed that they will fight to have the NHS
excluded from it. They will also look closely at the resolution you

Mr Agnew is fundamentally opposed to the EU negotiating trade agreements
with the US or any other country, on behalf of the UK, not least because the
process has been shrouded in such secrecy and the EU will not be putting our
interests first and foremost. The potential for allowing commercial
interests to override those of the countries subject to the agreement also
gives cause for concern. 

The UKIP MEPs will be doing their best to expose the full nature of this
agreement to the spotlight of publicity. Although it will involve British
imports and exports, the UK has to sit on its hands whilst unelected
officials from the EU negotiate on its behalf. TTIP is a much bigger and
bolder affair than its southern equivalent, 'Mercosur', which is an EU trade
negotiation with a group of South American countries. This has been
grinding on for years, which makes it likely that TTIP negotiations will
also drag on in a similar way. 

UKIP MEPs will also continue to campaign for UK withdrawal from the EU,
which is the only long term solution, to the endless problems created by our
membership of this dangerously undemocratic organisation.

Best wishes

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