Local education – ideology, panic, but very little leadership or democracy

Dave Hodgson, former member of 80’s band Dodgy

Reading about the plans for local education (BoS), it seems some people are trying to make decisions in the name of the many as usual way, by claiming to speak for everyone. To claim that the decisions are taken “to ensure education is coherent, co-ordinated and serves the interests of ALL local children” is quite incredible.

How they are qualified to make this claim on behalf of “all” children is not explained. Of course there is one explanation, every child in Bedford Borough has exactly the same “needs”. Needs that can only be met by making sure that Bedford has only primary and secondary schools. And all these schools should, of course, be academies.

Richard Fuller looking a dapper chap at work.
Richard Fuller looking a dapper chap at work.

Some people seem to have lost sight of the fact that a school is there to serve its local community. If a local community has a different view of education than that held by so-called community leaders, then, of course, the rules change. Community leaders then resort to political ideology and self-interest, to bring about the change they wish to see, and claiming “public interest”.

If Bedford Borough and Richard Fuller are going to pursue their agenda for education in Bedford then we need to see the evidence supporting their case.

It will probably be a short read. As short as the one day of democracy we get every five years.

Recognise anyone? Look at the second guy. The front man looks like Alvin Stardust
Recognise anyone?



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