#Osborne’s New “Rabbit out of the Hat” Wheeze – UK’s Largest Ever Car Boot


Tories announce £30 Billion revenue wheeze and massive party for loyal Bankers



Yes it’s the UK Car Boot Extravaganza, Brought to you by Osborne Economics.

The largest Car Boot Sale the world has ever seen. 

Buy: hospitals, patients, schools, pupils, houses, tenants, universities, students with loans,

tax avoidance packages tailor-made to your needs,

whole industries including cheap labour,

uranium enrichment companies,

cheap banks, cheap prisons,

museums, art galleries, doctor’s surgeries, and all assets.

A fully equipped Broadcasting Company.

Historic, compliant, docile,  Parliament.

See anything you fancy, make us an offer, we’re always looking to sell.


Everything and anything is up for sale, including all major towns and cities.

If you are wealthy and foreign, then exploiting UK Citizens is the way to increase your profit.

Think Profit. Think UK.

Tories International Trading


“Brilliant” – Daily Mail

“Only George could think of this” – Ian Duncan Smith

“This audacious plan will make us wealthy” – Daily Express

“We’re all T.I.T s now” – Financial Times

“Labour in disarray over T.I.Ts” – The Times

“George has staked his claim for the leadership of the T.I.T.s party,

unless I sell it off” – David Cameron.

“Osborne could be Britain’s greatest ever Chancellor.

I’ve got my eyes on a few things.” – Sir Rupert Murdoch



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