Young Greens to hold biggest ever National Convention

The youth and student wing of the Green Party is set to hold its largest ever National Convention in Nottingham later this month. Membership of the Young Greens has grown more than tenfold in under two years, and currently stands at over 20,000.

 The National Convention, an annual event at which training, elections and the Young Greens’ Annual General Meeting are held, will take place at Nottingham Trent University on the 31st October and 1st November.

 Siobhan MacMahon, Young Greens Co-Chair, said: “It’s really exciting that after the Green Surge, we’ll be bringing so many of our new members together and getting them involved in our campaigns and our democratic process.

 “We’ve got an amazing year behind us, and the Green Party has real opportunities in the year ahead to win seats in proportional elections in Wales and London and in councils across the country – and as always Young Greens will be at the heart of those campaigns.

 “At Convention we’ll also be building momentum behind our campaigns on the European Referendum and the Paris Climate Talks, and of course our continuing opposition to welfare cuts, tuition fees, and the government’s attack on the public sector.”


Fiona Costello, Young Greens Events Officer, said: “This Convention is set to be our biggest and most dynamic ever, with workshops and training on subjects from intersectionality to media skills, as well as our AGM and National Committee elections.”

 “Convention brings together activists from all over the country to skill-share, debate policy, and learn more about the Young Greens, and we can’t wait to welcome activists old and new to the amazing city of Nottingham for this event.”

The Convention  will run from 9-30 on Saturday 31st October until 5-30 on Sunday 1st November



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