Green Collar Nation – #GreenCollarNation

Green Collar Nation is a timely vision of what the future could be.

The Green Party has welcomed a report on a just transition to a low-carbon economy by the TUC and Greenpeace, calling it a “timely” and “weighty” contribution to the green job creation debate.

Green collar nation: a Just Transition to a low-carbon economy is championing inclusive democracy, green jobs and a rapid, jobs-rich expansion of renewable energy generation.

The report’s main focus is on how creating green jobs can reverse the long-term decline in UK manufacturing, how we can improve energy efficiency with new technologies, and the importance of industrial democracy in implementing this vision.

Nat-CanGreen Party leader, Natalie Bennett said: “More jobs, lower energy bills, fewer climate emissions – that’s what we see as the foundation of successful, resilient local communities and we’re delighted that the TUC and Greenpeace have published this report detailing how we can create new and secure, low-carbon jobs.

“This is a weighty and timely contribution to the green jobs debate and we look forward to the government’s consideration and response.”

She added: “Particularly welcome is the report’s focus on the need for democratic decision-making from the local level upwards: we need to improve the way the UK is governed, passing power back to the people, back to where they live and work.” And so say all of us.


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